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Nursing Assistant Salary: How to Get It High

Although there is unfortunately not a list of more remunerative nursing assistant salary for you to aspire to, there are several options available to you to gain the most of your title as a CNA. These opportunities are pointed below.

Get your CNA 2

Getting your CNA II will give you a bump in nursing assistant salary as an additional dollar per hour or more depending on your setup. While this may seem, over the years as an employee of CNA it add up. Plus if you add it to several qualifications such as Basic Life Support course and nursing administration certification. They help you get a higher salary or promotion in the field of CNA employment. Phlebotomy training can give you additional certification and experience. However, if you become a full-time phlebotomist, the average wage is higher as a sampler of a CNA. You will lose your extra shifts, double shifts, night and weekend you will get with the use of CNA that grows your salary higher than that of a sampler.

You should keep in mind before you submit an interview that you can negotiate a higher salary starting CNA if you have experience / qualifications in an area with severe shortages of nursing assistant. So do some work on the shortage in your area can pay dividends in your salary negotiations in starting your nursing assistant. You obviously will not talk about the shortage in the interview, just keep in mind when negotiating your starting salary of nursing assistant with the employer.

In general the more paid certified nursing assistant will be those of a hospital, in a large city or urban area. And higher pay will be in specialized units that require additional training as emergency room, intensive care unit etc.

Obtain a Higher Salary Nursing Assistant By Working For An Agency

If you're ready to travel between jobs and can handle the temporary nature of a contract proposed by a nursing agency, then a much higher salary nursing assistant can be reached. And organizations such as health or medical staff ARC Network to name just two of many organizations across the country can offer more of these jobs pay temporary certified nursing assistant.Then they will usually put you in a medical center that requires nursing assistants at a short notice. The salary will be higher than say a long term agreement in a nursing home, but you will not have the guarantee of long-term employment.

These companies/medical facilities that need staff in a pinch and recruit over an agency often have double shift options. This will usually have a bonus on top for the inconvenience. Also in many of these temporary roles your travel expenses will be covered if they are in remote locations.

Certified nurse assistant salary in an agency is usually much higher than the average to about $ 15 - $ 20 per hour, while for the same work at the hospital cannot pay you between $ 9 and $ 12 depending on experience, location and medical facilities. You should keep in mind that these agencies often do not include medical insurance as part of their contractual terms. You should also know that for agencies on these books you will need a minimum of 6 months experience CNA, with many years of experience requiring a minimum before they can offer to get a job through their agency.

You might also consider studying for a nursing degree will open many more opportunities for advancement in nursing, which includes higher nursing assistant salary. Some jobs nursing leaders such as certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) earn on average $ 100k per year and often much higher. Apparently for this level of nursing pay, there will be several years of tough studying to do, but the rewards can be very useful at the end.